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Kids Encounter Weekend is here!

It's all the things you love of camp wrapped into one great weekend!

Join us at Ottawa Valley Pentecostal Camp (Cobden) for games, activities, and crafts, not mention meeting new friends and learning more about Jesus! 

See the FAQs below to learn more!

For more information contact Candace Bell at or (905) 373-7374 ext. 5

  • When is Encounter?
    Ottawa Valley Pentecostal Camp - July 27-30, 2023
  • How do students register?
    This will now be done by the children's pastor/leader, so students will now register through their children's ministry and not the camp.
  • Do Children's Pastors need to provide their own leaders?
    Yes. Each Children's Ministry is responsible for providing their own screened leaders. While we understand that finding leaders to serve, especially at an overnight event, can be challenging, this provides many benefits overall. Becuase they are leaders that your students are already familiar with, there are less behavioual problems, but greater and the oppotunities for disciplship. Your leaders will be able to go back to church with your students and continue investing in the growth that happened at Encounter. Additionally, this provides the opportunity for children with special needs to bring the proper help they may need.
  • How does a children's pastor/main leader register a group?
    Like our other Children's Minsitry events, once the Children's Pastor/Leader has their registration list, they will then go online to our district website and register their group along with their leaders.
  • How do we manage medications?
    Pastors can bring forms and medications to give to medical person so they are stored properly and administered by medical personnel. Contact us if you need a form for parents to fill out.
  • What does the schedule look like?
    The length of camp has been shortened but children will still experience many of the same activities. Children will participate in encounters, group devotions, games, crafts, bonfires and more. Some of the activities will happen in children's ministry group but other components will be in mixed team with campers from other churches. For a more detailed schedule, visit our Kids Encounter page.
  • How much does Encounter cost?
    Children's Pastors will set the final registration cost for their students/leaders which should include the registration fee, accommodations, and transportation (if applicable). More details can be found on the Kids Encounter page.
  • What is the cost for a Children's Pastor attending?
    Children's Pastors are free! There are only fees for your leaders and children attending.
  • Can students still attend Kids Encounter Weekends if they don't attend a PAOC church or have a Children's Pastor?
    Of course! Everyone is welcome to attend Kids Encounter Weekends! If a child finds themselves in this situation please contact us and we will do our best to direct them to the closest local church or one they have a relationship with and register with that group.
  • How will Tuck be managed?
    When parents/students arrive, they will give money to the tuck shop and will be given an account. Students can go to Tuck at their designated time and select what they want for tuck (they do not need to carry around their own money). Leftover tuck money will be picked up following the service Sunday on their way home.
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