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Looking for information to give out to parents? Want to find curriculum recommended by your peers? Need an object lesson for Sunday? Check out these resources collected from Children's Pastors across our district!


Don't see something you're looking for? Or have something you want to share? Email us and we would love to help you out!

Resource List


Special Needs

Leadership Development

just for kids




covid-19 resources



Kids Church Library

A collection of resources (curriculum, videos, games) from a PAOC perspective. 

Making the Bible Come Alive (Free!)

An Initiate by the Quebec district of the PAOC. Series of playing cards, along with lessons and activities to explore bible characters. 

Newspring Network (Free!)

Lesson series and curriculum for kids and students. Online resources as well. 

One Story

Pre-school/school age. Similar to Orange Curriculum, primarily video based.


Variety of options for different sized ministry. Video options to accompany lessons. Take-homes for parents. VBS curriculum options as well. 

First Look

A branch of Orange aimed for Preschool age. Activities aid in the development of toddlers.

Lifetree (Free!)

Videos, games, storyboards and devotions. 

Pursue God (Free!)

Curriculum with take home for parents, video lessons, artwork and more. Scope and Sequence available for 3 years (purposeful planning for 3 years)

Children's Ministry

Collaborative site. Great for Object or Bible lessons for in between curriculum series. 


Database of teaching resources, object lessons and ideas. Membership required for all content, but starter membership is Free!

Teach Sunday School

Printable lessons that center around teaching children the bible. Seasonal lessons as well. 

Kids on the Move

Great resource filled with videos for your lessons. 

Elevate Kids Now

Large and Small group options. Reinforces bible stories with video content. Videos for leaders to watch to learn games and activities. 

Children's Ministry Deals

Large database of curriculum resources, object lessons, and seasonal curriculum (Christmas). 

High Voltage Kids

Multi-Media Curriculum that is edgy and doesn't need as many volunteers.

The Gospel Project

Christ-centered, chronological bible stories for kids. 

Konnect HQ - Life Church (Free!)

Lessons with video support. One-offs, or lesson series.



The Source for Youth Ministry

Free games for large group, small group, up-front and more! 


Resource developed by Matthew Werenich. A huge compilation of large group games for the classroom, camps, Sunday School etc. (Made by a long-time children's leader and teacher.)


Games for all ages, including a section of "Online Covid-19" games. 

Ultimate Camp Resource

Large group games for summer camp.

Download Youth Ministries                             

Youth group large group games. 

Crowd Control Games

Large group games. 




For parents. Build your teen’s lifelong faith in Jesus by tackling tough topics together, one conversation at a time.

Focus on the Family

For parents and leaders.

Kids of Integrity

Put out by Focus on the family. Great discussion points and character building lessons.

Bible App for Kids

Free curriculum and a great way for parents to invest in their kids. 


Focus on the Family

The Focus on Parenting Podcast provides moms and dads with helpful tips on how to be a better parent each day to help raise kids on the right path.

Birds on a Wire

Wire Talk with Karen Stubbs is a weekly podcast designed to encourage and equips moms through the precious, busy, challenging and life-changing journey of motherhood.


Intentional Parenting - Doug Fields

Spiritual Parenting - Michelle Anthony

Parenting Together - Karen and Greg Stubbs

Parental Guidance Required - Andy Stanley

Connecting Church and Home - Tim Kimmel

Special Needs

Special Needs


Website with an overview of the different stages of child development in relationship to their spiritual understanding. 


Spot on Special Needs Activitiesby Lifeway Kids


Specialist in Exceptionalities - Andrea Foster

A mom of four teenagers and two daughters diagnosed with Tuberous Sclerosis Complex, Andrea is familiar with navigating exceptionalities. Her passion now lies in helping other understand disability and creating environments for all children to know Jesus. 

Leadership Development

Leadership Development


Leadership Matters (Jeremy Albrecht)

A podcast to help equip leaders for matters of leadership because leadership matters! A Leadership Podcast created by EOD Youth Channel! (Eastern Ontario District of the PAOC)

The Think Orange Podcast

Ideas and conversation to help you influence the next generation.

The Global Leadership Summit

Listen to world-class leadership content while driving, exercising, or commuting on the train. Search by topic and access podcasts to equip and inspire you while on the go.

Carey Nieuwhof

Ever wish you could have a conversation with today's top leaders in entrepreneurship, ministry and business? Well, that's what my leadership podcast is designed to bring you—backstage access to the people who lead extraordinarily well.

Nick Blevins Family Ministry Podcast

A podcast for people who serve in churches leading in Children’s Ministry, Student Ministry, and Family/NextGen Ministry overall. 

The Christian Woman Leadership Podcast

Through this podcast, Esther and Holly offer encouragement, tools, and resources to help you live out your unique calling as a leader.

Deep and Wide - Andy Stanley

Children's Ministry Leadership - Jim Wideman

Overcoming the Dark Side of Leadership - Gary McIntosh

School of KidsMin by Scripture Union

Just for Kids

Just for Kids

Right Now Media

Basically Netflix, but with Christian material. There are kids shows, small groups and bible studies too. A little pricey, as it is done by subscription, but if the whole church buys in, it can be a great resource. 

Adventures in Oddyssey

Great stories for kids. Kids can listen to episodes. 

Minno Kids (JellyTelly)

Shows and devotions for children. 

Keys for Kids Podcast

Keys For Kids Ministries is a children's ministry organization, offering Keys for Kids, Down Gilead Lane, and much more.

MAK Magazine (Missions and Kids)

This link will connect you to the online resource created by International Missions (P.A.O.C.). Here you can find articles and resources all about Missions around the world for kids. You can also order a paper copy of their quarterly Magazine. 


Friends with God Story Bible

Unwrapping the Greatest Gift - Ann Voskamp

Any books by Phil Vischer or Melody Carlson


Devotionals for Kids

Indescribable - Louis Gilglio

Notes from Jesus - Mikal Keeer

Jesus Calling - Sarah Young




Another great app that allows you to keep in touch with your parents and volunteers without giving out your phone number. Can send texts in groups (group of preschool volunteers, elementary volunteers, parents etc.)


Very user friendly platform for sending e-newsletters. A great way to keep parents informed of what is happening in your ministry. 



Registration/Scheduling Programs​


User friendly design. Great customer service. 


Great for volunteer scheduling, kid check-in, worship team music etc. Similar to Planning Center, but a lower price-point. 



Websites with great FREE stock photos:

Website with fonts:

Website for creating free posters, and invitations:

Covd-19 Resources

Covid-19 Resources

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